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Your one-stop solution to high-quality refurbished smartphones.

Get to know us…

Back in 2012, we established this company with one purpose - to reduce the carbon footprint by prolonging the life of smartphones by refurbishing gently used items so that you don't have to buy a new one every year. Besides upcycling, our highly qualified team of technicians also grades and refurbishes each device so that you get the best quality top-selling brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Google, Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and more.

We also have a team of in-house geeks in Melbourne so you can step in (or call/text) anytime during trading hours. Located in Reservoir, Victoria, the first store opened its doors in 2012 initially with 2 staff members and steadily grew into a 8 member team by 2019. The second store opened in St Kilda, Victoria, was mainly targeted towards serving the backpacker community in and around St Kilda but quickly became the get go shop for the locals for all their phone needs.

Our highly trained staff at both locations refurbishes only well-handled ex-demo, gently used, corporate buyback and change of mind products. Our hiring process is simple yet efficient. We believe in training and grooming a positive minded candidate right from the start regardless of their previous experience albeit qualification is a must-have.


High quality

At Phonebot, we value product quality, range of products, super fast delivery, low prices and customer satisfaction. This is why our products are made to go through state of the art testing processes to ensure product quality. All of our devices are tested manually and via third party software to ensure OEM compliance. This is a core procedure in our company in order to keep up with the substantial growth and demand for quality products and customer satisfaction. After all, consumer partnership can never be complete without maintaining consistent and reliable product quality.


Our product pricing is aimed at being wallet friendly. We accomplish this by keeping an eye out on prices of similar products on large marketplaces like ebay and amazon. We also keep the prices down by squeezing every bit of value in our supply chain. So, when you make a purchase here at Phonebot, you're guaranteed to score a great deal no matter what time of the year.

Variety and Pricing

We understand how online markets have become a competitive battleground in current day and age of digital economy, particularly in the consumer electronics industry.

Get the Finest Selection

In order to be customer centric, we offer the best selection of smart devices from top contending brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Google, and more. We have an arsenal of devices ranging from the latest smartphones to tablets to smartwatches and more. We also offer the finest selection of quality accessories to compliment your purchase.

Our refurbished devices are not always repaired. Most of them are either change of mind returns or ex-demo devices. Only a handful models that are a few years old require minimal repairing like a screen change or a battery replacement and sold with extreme diligence so you can enjoy a new looking phone inside out at half the original price.

At Phonebot, we hope to offer only the best deals so that modern tech may avail to the needs and lifestyle of not just the rich but also the general working population by providing cost-efficient price margins.

Our products are sourced through semi government agencies as well as private organisations at a market based pricing model.

Product Sourcing

most of our stocks are sourced from within Australia. While certain stocks are imported from other countries like UK and the US, the process of procurement largely depends on the price as well as a number of local factors including demand, seasonal cycle and obsolescence.

Hand-picked Items

We perform strict inspection at every step of our product assessment. The items we procure are carefully hand-picked, hence some products that do not reach a certain quality benchmark are rejected. Our month end "faulty and returns" data is collated to verify an industry leading fault rate of less than 5%.

Majority of the items that we procure from various organizations have had only minimal use, largely due to the fact that they were provided as secondary phones to staff members by the organization. Thus, all of our phones are in great shape and once refurbished, they are as good as new.

Honest Product Classification


We offer 4 levels of grading.

  • Open Box
  • Like New
  • A-Grade
  • B-Grade

Our devices are graded to meet tightest budgets. Whether you wish to spend top dollar or shop within a tight budget, we can offer you variety of devices to match your budget or even beat it.

You can find more about our grading system on our grading page.

Impressive warranty

We want you to look at our company and think of it as a life-long friend you can trust! And we are certain that nothing beats a good companionship like maintaining honesty and trust. So, to keep this spirit alive, we assure you that once you buy our refurbished devices, you will get warranty between 1 to 24 months depending on the product purchased. Our product listing page clearly states warranty period but you can always give us a call in case of an ambiguity.

Our devices are graded to meet tightest budgets. Whether you wish to spend top dollar or shop within a tight budget, we can offer you variety of devices to match your budget or even beat it.

Environment and Community Concern

Carbon Footprint:

As a company that promotes product sustainability, we urge you to take the step in being more eco-conscious by making sustainable purchase decisions. Did you know that every time a smartphone is manufactured it emits 16kg of CO2? It also requires approx 60 key materials that are mined across countries like Africa and China that negatively impact the social and economic aspects of these countries, not to mention the carbon footprint generated during distribution. We are here to offer you a chance to make a sustainable decision that doesn't costs the environment.

Sustainable Partnerships:

Here at Phonebot, we support non-profit organizations such as Salvation Army and Community Enterprise Foundation which works in partnership with Victorian Bushfire Appeal to ensure the progress of the wider community. We are also proud of our sustainability partnership with Carbon Neutral to turn emissions into trees. So, when you and your loved ones are making a purchase here at Phonebot, you are not only buying a device that will last you a long time, but also helping the environment. Remember, you are making an investment that yields an all-round benefit.

Overcoming the COVID Crisis:

In light of the current COVID crisis, we want to ensure that your safety is our priority while still catering to your needs. Our company will continue to provide all essential communication devices by managing various teams working from the safety of their own homes. If you want to repair your phone, you can step into our store with a face mask and hand sanitizer, our friendly staff will be waiting for you with the same. Although most of the non-essential services have been shut down, we ensure shipping on time because we understand that communication has become more important than ever during this time of social distancing.

To put your mind and safety at ease, we sanities all of our handsets and other devices prior to shipment using industrial-grade disinfectants.

Multi-channel Experience

We understand that you have a busy life and so our priority is to make everything as convenient as possible for you.

Multichannel Support

Having issues with your phone but too busy to visit our store? No worries! We have online support just for you. You can send us a message through WhatsApp or contact us via facebook messenger and we will get back to you in a jiffy!

You can also give us a call at (03) 94626936 throughout the week between 9am - 5pm. You can check out our contact us page for more details. If phone calls or texting is not your thing, we are still accessible to you through email. Just click on our complaints page our team will investigate and resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

If you need us to have a look at your device, you can always step into our store and our staff would be ready to lend you a helping hand.

Seamless Shopping Experience

At Phonebot, we believe that shopping should be an exciting experience. That is why we make use of some of the most innovative technologies to ensure a seamless shopping experience for our customers.

Our ecommerce platform is built upon a highly customized and robust version of opencart allowing us to maintain a central inventory catalogue across multiple sales channels to have products readily available across all channels within 2-3 hours of receiving stock from suppliers. We have a highly trained pre-sales, after-sales and support team available 9 hours a day, 6 days a week to provide reliable and satisfactory customer experience. Recently, we have incorporated the Manychat Messenger for a customized shopping experience right on Facebook Messenger chat platform.

Multiple Payment Options

We understand that our customer uses different payment modes which is why we have partnered with some of the most reliable providers across Australia such as PayPal and Zip Money along with standard credit card processing.

Fast Delivery

We know you are eagerly anticipating the delivery of your purchase. We want all of our customers to get their shipment delivered ASAP and so we make sure all deliveries arrive within 1-3 days. If you happen to live in regional or outside metro areas, your shipment will be delivered within 7 days max. All our deliveries are free of charge. For consistently fast delivery service, we have partnered with some of the best delivery companies in Australia like the Australia Post, Toll Priority and Star track for shipping nationwide.

All our deliveries are free of charge! Most of our parcels arrive at your address within 1-3 days. If you live in regional or outside metro areas, your shipment will be delivered within 7 days max.

Phonebot is all set to extend its deliveries to New Zealand, Singapore and United Kingdom in 2020-2021.

Future Ambitions

We gave you a glimpse of all that we have achieved as part of our mission to improve Phonebot continuously. But guess what? We have only scratched the surface and are just starting to make waves!

Phonebot Marketplace

One of our biggest plans for 2020 is to launch the Phonebot Marketplace. The Phonebot Marketplace will allow our customers to sell their phones directly to us or other people. Our expertise in dealing with pre-owned and refurbished phones will make this marketplace extremely customer centric and lead to a hassle-free process at every step. Moreover, it won't be an exaggeration to say that we are going places, because we literally are.

International Deliveries

Phonebot is all set to extend its deliveries to New Zealand, Singapore and United Kingdom in 2020-2021. Over the years we have received a lot of customer love and support who have commended us on providing great value and showed interest in our products. As a result, we have decided to expand to these countries and will soon be expanding to many others. A part of this mission of expansion is to tell many of our current and potential customers who we are and what we stand for.